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In 2008 Sheepey Race started from humble beginnings in a small garage in Perris, CA. Seeing a path in the fabrication field Sheepey Race went from a hobby to a small business producing turbo kits & go fast parts for Honda & Mitsubishi Evo’s. After multiple award winning builds, internationally recognized Honda’s and multiple world records broken we fast forward to 2018 when Sheepey Race takes a risk in the exotic world. Using almost every dollar to his name Alex Soto (Owner) buys his dream car a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan. Now under his belt years of experience with standalone management systems, fuel systems & more it was time to take the plunge & twin turbo the new Lamborghini Huracan. Fast forward to current time Sheepey Race has made a name for itself in the V10 twin turbo world with close to 100 Huracan & R8 builds.

We at Sheepey Race would love to offer the opportunity to experience what we are all about. We now have close to half a million followers and are excited to build and giveaway a badass car to one of you lucky people. We are new to this but our goal is to make each build bigger and better as we go. Eventually we would love to giveaway a Twin Turbo Huracan & R8 but it is up to each and everyone of you to make it possible. Good luck!!

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